Marissa Boyle, Sales Coach | Broker, REALTOR®

Marissa Boyle believes in radical action. 

There’s no better proof of that than her career as a real estate entrepreneur, investor, and sales coach.  

After years working in private wealth management as a hedge fund analyst, Boyle saw a unique opportunity smack dab in the middle of The Great Recession - real estate. In 2009, she founded her first real estate business in Charlotte, NC, building residential rental portfolios for institutional investors and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Since then, she has built and sold a Top 1% real estate sales team at Lodestone, earned a Million Dollar Guild Designation from the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, performed acquisitions on over 2,500 homes for REITs, flipped 50 homes, and runs a sales coaching program for Realtors who have collectively sold over $2 billion worth of real estate.

In an industry driven by numbers and sales performance, Boyle’s success is fueled by her unique energy. She serves as a firm advocate for growth, gratitude, simplicity, accountability, and the relentless elimination of anything that’s not working.  She is well known for practicing and coaching a holistic approach for the real estate industry and making things happen, all to allow others to experience one of the gifts - creating wealth through real estate that makes the freedom of choice possible.